Visskan Aviation Group is one of India’s most reputed passenger and cargo ground handling companies, employing more than 2500 people across seven airports in the country. We also operate warehousing, trucking infrastructure and recently established an education and training academy.

We place a very strong emphasis on corporate governance with professional management across key functions and an experienced board which includes independent directors. Our corporate culture is designed to enable high performance, delivered with integrity and discipline.

We are very conscious of the fact that success should not breed complacency. Aviation is a complex and highly dynamic industry and we recognise the imperative to constantly evolve our organisation to deliver more for our customers, staff and shareholders. We seek to remain at the forefront of best practices.

In preparation for the projected growth in Indian aviation, Visskan is excited to be embarking upon a new 10 year corporate strategy.  We have engaged CAPA, the region’s leading aviation advisory and research practice to develop a transformational business plan for our existing operations to significantly restructure the cost base and to enhance efficiency. The plan will evaluate new products in the airport services domain such as facilitated interlining, ground transportation, aircraft cleaning, cargo GSA representation, airport surveillance, pre-departure screening and facilities management. These initiatives will provide us with the credentials and capability to bid for upcoming ground handling concessions in partnership with a global ground handling firm.

We also plan to invest in state-of-the-art technology for our cargo and logistics infrastructure and aviation education and training, and are exploring opportunities to diversify into other transportation industries such as railways and shipping. The availability of skilled resources will be a critical requirement to support the projected rapid growth of the aviation industry, not only in India but also in the Gulf. Visskan already operates a well-established education and training facility for personnel employed in the handling sectors which provides the foundation for this business.

Our plan is to first expand into areas such as executive education in various management, financial, commercial and operational disciplines as well as courses related to cabin crew training, safety, security, air traffic management and ground classes for flight training. In due course we will invest in world class simulator-based training and facilities for pilots (civil, general aviation and defence), safety and emergency procedures for cabin crew, air traffic management and maintenance. In terms of cargo infrastructure, we will significantly expand the 1,00,000 square feet of warehouse space which we currently operate, and develop end-to-end logistics with high throughput distribution facilities located close to key airports across the country. These will be supported by sophisticated inventory management systems, sorting centres, air freight stations and transport infrastructure to enable last mile connectivity. We plan to be at the forefront of meeting the growing needs of shippers, corporations, consumers as well as freight, express and logistics providers under the ‘Make in India’ strategy and the rise of e-commerce.

This restructuring exercise will create a ‘new Visskan’ with a vastly strengthened and diversified customer proposition. CAPA will therefore be assisting us with designing and implementing a new Group-level corporate structure and supporting framework. We are committed to our mission to create a world class aviation services group with capabilities across ground handling, cargo, logistics, education & training and look forward to serve you better.

V.S. Manimaran
Chairman & Managing Director
Visskan Aviation Private Limited